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I'm still in freaking Iceland!

Avoid eye contact with the hipsters....they can smell fear.

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Okay, I think I've got things somewhat figured out as it relates to downtown Reykjavik as I spent most of yesterday wandering around in the rain getting orientated. Went up and down the main couple of streets and found where all the shops & bars are, as well as all the adult stores a couple of streets over - just like in any downtown core. :-)

I've moved over to another hostel that is a little more central, and 1000 ISK cheaper per night (which works out to a whopping $7.78 CAD). It's in an old biscuit factory right on the waterfront and has some pretty amazing views of the bay. Very cool decor inside as it's full of vintage furniture and a pretty cool vibe so far - although I will also admit that I haven't actually seen the dorm room yet as I can't check in for a few hours.

Having said that, there is a borderline pretentious feel about the place - I have never seen so many hipsters (or attempted hipsters) in such close proximity. You know the guy from MythBusters with the big mustache? Well I can quite literally see three guys with the same facial hair from where I am sitting right now - all in jeans (two of them skinny), and two of them with the same kind of hat. There is more flannel and beards in this place than should be allowed by law. I'm off hiding in a dark corner in my somewhat baggy jeans, ringer t-shirt, with no hat trying not to stand out.

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I'm in freaking Iceland!

And so it begins...

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Good morning......evening......whatever it is. :-)

First post - where to start. Got this blog set up a couple of weeks ago before leaving Edmonton and fully intended to have an entry before I left. Running around getting things sorted out last minute kind of killed that idea however (surprise, surprise).

So, here I am in the common area of the Downtown HI hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland. Haven't been able to properly check in yet, but I've stashed my bag, had a bit of food/coffee, and got really soaked walking around the area. Seems like a good choice for a place to stay though - I think going 'all fancy' for $25 a night was well worth it:

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