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What to do...what to do

Darling you got to let me know, should I stay or should I go? :-)

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Really enjoyed Odense - small city with a very cool vibe about it that I liked right away. I was able to meet up with a woman my folks met back in Edmonton last summer who has been able to offer some perspective and advice on things - was great to finally meet her in person after all the emails back and forth. She was able to show me a cool local pub that had an awesome selection of dark, local beers and then I got a bit of a local's tour from her and her boyfriend on the way back to my hostel.

Back down in Copenhagen now and I've decided to be a proper 'tourist' for a few days. Went to Christiansborg Palace and checked out the ruins underneath the castle (some from 1167) this afternoon, and then over to Tivoli Gardens this evening. Christiansborg Palace (it's the third one as the previous two burnt down) is where the Danish Parliament and supreme court sit, so it is very much an active building.

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park pretty much in the middle of Copenhagen - it was built in 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. They have one of the oldest wooden roller coasters left that is still controlled by a manual 'brake-man' that rides along.

Check out my photos for some more pictures of both - glad I saw them for sure. Turns out a bunch of the museums in town are free on Wednesday, so I've got about four of them that I'm going to try and cram in tomorrow. I think it will be a long day!

This has helped take my mind off the job situation, which isn't great to be honest. I've spent a couple of days trying to get a sense of what the work potential is, and after talking to people in pretty much every outdoor or computer shop I've been able to find (both pre-scouted and spontaneously discovered), it really seems like no-one is planning on doing any hiring anytime soon. There is still the issue of needing to find a flat to live in and pay for three months rent before I can even get my CPR number that will allow me to accept a job. The sense I've been getting is that even if places were hiring, not speaking Danish is definitely a point against me. Note to self - just because English may be spoken by almost everyone in a different country, it certainly doesn't mean you can find work without speaking the local language! :-)

I'm by no means ready to throw the towel in yet, and will definitely keep trying. Having said that, I've discovered that I can get a train ticket from Copenhagen to Stockholm for about $60 CDN, and the same again for Stockholm to Oslo. Hmmm, what to do?

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From Aarhus to Odense

Looking for work in Denmark

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After spending a few days up in Aarhus I've come down to the city of Odense.

My time in Aarhus started off on a rather funny way - I noticed one of the main live venues in town had an AC/DC cover band playing the night I arrived. They are called 'Who Made Who' and I've seen them a few times over the years. They are really good and have a lead singer who does all of Brian Johnson's and Bon Scott's songs very well. I got checked into the hostel and went wandering around with a beer to pass the time - hence my previous update. Just before 1am when they are scheduled to go on I wander back over to the club and queue up with the 3 busloads of pub-crawl people that have just arrived. Pay cover, get inside and order a beer. Band comes on at the scheduled time and they are most definitely not an AC/DC cover band - they are in fact a Danish indie-pop band from Copenhagen. :-) Not really my style of tunes but they weren't bad all-in-all. After a little while the club opened up a side room with another bar and some music so I spent the rest of my time in there. Turned into a pretty good evening - although I think I scared the crap out of the people in my dorm room when my stainless steel water bottle fell off the top bunk as I was getting into bed. It was full and fairly heavy, and there is now a big dent in the side of it.

Spent about 5 days in Aarhus and it's a nice place. It's the second biggest city in Denmark and the most major shipping port. Very cool mix of winding old cobblestone streets and nice new areas built up around the canal. It also has the biggest university in Denmark and a number of technical collages so there is a large student population (and strong nightlife).

Started to do some looking into the job scene and it sounds like not speaking Danish may be an issue - also seems that finding a job for non EU citizens can be fairly tough. I met a guy from Senegal who is on a similar visa as I am, and he's been looking for a while now. I was able to speak with someone at the local government office and the final part of getting my working holiday visa is a little odd (and seems somewhat backwards to me): in order to get my CPR number (same as a SIN number and needed before I can work), I have to have the letter I received before I left and proof that I'll be living somewhere for at least 3 months. So basically I need to decide where to live and pay 3 months rent (and deposit) before I can even look for work. Not sure if blowing almost half my savings is worth it just for the potential of finding a job! Perhaps I was a bit naive in assuming the process would be similar to the working holiday visa for NZ.

Figure I'll hang out here in Odense for a few days and then head back down to Copenhagen so I've got a few days to figure things out. Maybe I'll just really watch the budget closely and move around Europe for a few months instead. Who knows? Regardless, I'm not blowing through my money so I'll be fine for a while.

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I think I may have found Nirvana

And no, not just the wine talking...

Walking through the city centre or Aarhus - a mix of new, polished granite along the canal with the old, narrow, cobblestone streets. Tall can of Tuborg in my hand, cost me DKK 16.95 at the 7-11 (CAD 2.90). :-)

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Thoughts on Iceland

After a long Saturday night...

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Well, I have survived a Saturday night in Reykjavik - but man did my head hurt the next morning! :-)

Booked a brewery tour to start off the afternoon, which may not have been the best idea as you get to sample as much as you want. Meet a couple of (more) folks from the Denver area and we definitely took advantage of the open taps - if you've ever been on a brewery tour you know how it goes. Got into a friendly 'discussion' with the tour guide about whether Iceland or Canada has better quality water, and we eventually agreed to disagree over a beer. :-) Wandered back to the hostel for a few bevies in the kitchen and then I was off with an American guy I met. After wandering around for a bit we ended up at a place called Kaffibarinn and spent the rest of the night there. Cool little club that got absolutely packed - kept looking at the clock behind the bar thinking it was wrong, but it wasn't. Got back to the hostel at about 4:30 so suffice to say that Sunday was pretty chill.

Iceland is an amazing place and definitely worth checking out. Icelandair has pretty good prices and schedules from North America, which certainly makes things much easier. Although I didn't venture outside of Reykjavik myself, I met a lot of people who did and said it was amazing. I'll be spending more time there whenever I head back home - likely in the summer, so I'll make sure to venture out a bit more.

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Party in the hot tub!

The Blue Lagoon

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Based on the advice of someone who had been there (thanks Matt), took a trip out to the Blue Lagoon today - wow.


About a 40 minute drive back toward the airport, it's a pretty amazing place. 6 million litres of very blue-green water heated with geothermal energy. It's about 2/3 salt water so it does make your hair stick up, and does affect the taste of your beer - did I mention the swim up bar? As someone who has spent my fair share of time in hot tubs in resort-type places (not big on the term connoisseur really), I have to say it's worth going to. All it needs is a boom-box with some party tunes and an endless supply of mixed drinks and it would be on a whole new level - Reimer, I'm looking at you!

As you float around the pool there are lots of spots with mineral rich mud to do up your war-paint as it's supposed to be very good for the skin. Met a guy from St. John's and chatted over a drink - go figure that the two Canadians in the place end up meeting at the bar. I honestly wasn't sure about checking it out as it's really heavily promoted - I've worked in a few tourist towns and I know how these kind of places can be but I'm really glad I went. Looks like a pretty full day tomorrow as I'm off to the Golden Circle.

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